Macro views of Colonialism

Reading the book promotions along withthe Twitter feeds about Colonialism its unanamous. Its a travesty for each and every nation who sufferred under its brutal yoke. There have been numerous well written books and research papers which have shared the numerous observations from scholars who share their own nations particular flavor of atrocities they sufferred. […]

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Capitols of Colonialism

Britain used two forms of capitol to spread colonialism. One was war capitol and the other was industrial capitol. Each form of capitol has its own “realm”.The word realm is defined as : a sphere of domain as in a kingdom sense. The term “coin of the realm” appliesĀ to both forms of capitol.Each represents their […]

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Inquiries for the Wealth of Nations

This blog is a series of economic inquiries about the wealth of the nations. It will address values and beliefs of a nation’s institutions, technology and material conditions. These inquiries are being examined through an eternal lens. The filter of the lens used in this writing uses biblical scriptures. This view enables the reader to […]

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